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Two 25th Anniversary Conferences!

Mexico Cruise – October 5th-10th

“Putting Remote Viewing into action: Innovations in Remote Viewing”

The conference talks will be given by those who are registering for the cruise who would like to contribute to the program. An emphasis will be on going remote viewing. We will teach each other fun and exciting remote viewing exercises designed to increase and enhance skill sets in RV practice, analysis and project management. Targets and activities will have participants moving around the entire ship!

Cruise attendees will get complimentary access to the virtual conference in November!

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Virtual Conference – Nov. 9th-10th

“What does the next generation of remote viewing and remote viewers look like and how to make way for their entrance while preserving remote viewing as defined within its historical context?”

Speakers will be selected who have completed innovative projects, are offering new approaches and can share about their group/organizational activities. We will have a mix of formal researchers and experienced remote viewers and project managers. Leaders in the field as well as new speakers will be welcome. We will have an international focus.

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