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The Brain Wave Patterns of Remote Viewers

Target Hitters Monitored on the Mind Mirror EEG at Monroe’s Discovery Program

Judith Pennington

In this live demonstration, Judith Pennington, director of the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM) and co-developer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 EEG, will hook up an experienced remote viewer tasked with describing a target to an EEG and explain the Mind Mirror brain wave patterns. This will be compared to the typical patterns of target hitters participating in the Monroe Institute’s Discovery program. Since 2017, Monroe has conducted 11 six-day residential Discovery programs to study the brain wave activity of participants engaged in remote viewing while listening to Monroe audio technology. EEG experts monitoring between 12 and 20 participants in each program have reached compelling conclusions about the states of consciousness most conducive to RV target attainment. Discovery is one of the only long-term, large-scale EEG-monitored psi study being conducted anywhere in the world. Research conclusions are based on the comparison of EEG readings in the baselines to brainwave activity measured during six 40-minute meditations introduced on four consecutive mornings by Robert Holbrook, Monroe Director of Innovations and composer of Monroe Sound Science audio. Discovery programs include between two and five remote viewing exercises. In comparing brain wave activity with veridical target acquisition, Monroe and IAM have concluded that MSS audio coupled with participant intentionality creates brain coherence that supports and enhances remote viewing capabilities, particularly with regard to the gradual introduction of high-frequency gamma waves. The EEG data and participants’ subjective reports of the timing of target acquisition show that Holbrook’s gamma exercises support and increase remote viewing abilities.