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Brainwave Magic that Unleashes Your Superpowers

Your Superpowers are not supernatural. They are accessible to everyone. It is just a matter of focused attention—fine-tuning the receiving channel.

Allyn Evans

What exactly are your superpowers? These include: 1.) Psychic abilities. 2). Ability to communicate with nonlocal advisors, guides, deceased loved ones; and 3). Accessing the past and future What is the big deal? It leads to self-evolution. It is the reason we are all here. And by focusing on our own personal development, we are helping uplift the sea, which leads to all ships afloat being lifted. How do we do this? Monroe Sound Science is the fastest way to the end goal! During this exciting experiential workshop – audience members will listen to a series of short audio meditations which will demonstrate how to use the magical, very successful shortcut that has been researched for 40+ years.