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October 5-10, 2024

A Gathering of Consciousness Explorers

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Celebrating half a century of Remote Viewing, OBE's and Consciousness Explorations

IRVA & Monroe Institute Collaborative Conference

Join us for what will surely be an extraordinary conference/convention co-sponsored by the International Remote Viewing Association and the Monroe Institute!

The Monroe Institute is the world leader in human consciousness exploration, offering life-changing training and audio technologies to millions around the globe.

The International Remote Viewing Association is one of the few professional organizations in the world designed to specifically advance the history, research, art, and practice of utilizing intuition scientifically yet practically.

It is the only one devoted to the full spectrum of remote viewing methodologies and technologies.

During PsiFest 2023, we will celebrate our intertwined history, interests, and communities while sharing the latest innovations in research, technology, training, applications, and practice.

We aim to advance knowledge, science, psi-based skill levels, and enthusiasm for topics related to remote viewing, OBEs, states of consciousness, the neuroscience of intuition, AI and remote viewing, dream ESP, RV project management, psychic detective work, etc.

Our goal for attendees, whether those brand new or professional, is to bring them to their next level in growth, awareness, understanding, and application of these topics we are so collectively passionate about. Just as importantly, we intend to have a majorly FUN time.

  • Expert Speakers
  • Engaging Presentations & Panels
  • Leading Edge Science
  • Experiential Workshops
  • Talent Show Open Mic
  • RV Game Night
  • PK Night Banquet
  • Free Access to Monroe Experiential Meditation Room F
  • IRVA Experimental Room
  • Monroe Tour
  • Delicious Group Meals
  • Discounted Monroe Gateway Programs for Conference Attendees only

Make sure you get plenty of sleep before coming to this whirlwind adventure! You won’t want to miss a single second of what is sure to be an incredible lineup of speakers and topics, social events, and delicious group meals.
Still, there will be some moments of relaxation when you visit Monroe’s Experiential Room or IRVA’s Experimental RV room!

Online Hybrid Conference

While we’d love to see you in person, we understand not everyone can make the trip. IRVA’s online conference was hugely successful last year because we believe that an online conference cannot just be an afterthought – it has to be an event unto itself. 

All in-person speakers for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday programs will be broadcasted into the Zoom call and online attendees will have a chance to ask them questions. Attendees will have opportunities to interact with each other to make this experience as social as possible. 

Further, on Sunday afternoon from 1 pm to 5 pm, there will be a special online program with a lineup of speakers and guest MCs who will just be on Zoom. In-person attendees will be on tour at this time, but they can watch the program during the recording later.

Note: The conference video will be available to all those registered online at no additional charge following the conference. The video series will cost significantly more than the online conference fee, so even if you can’t be there the whole time you may consider registering.