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Christian Wieser, born in 1983 in Hallein near Salzburg, is a self-employed business consultant, coach for personal development, and professional remote viewer. After graduating with a focus on natural sciences, he pursued a degree in International Business Administration in Austria and Canada.

After completing his studies and further training at the University of Vienna, he set up his own business as a management consultant in 2009 and has since supported numerous major international projects.

In his late teenage years, Christian began to dive deeply into the field of energetics and personal development. His quest for personal growth and the overcoming of personal setbacks led him to a variety of training courses with renowned trainers worldwide. These included various shamanic traditions, systemic constellations, quantum healing methods, NLP, and remote viewing. Since 2010, he has run his own coaching practice, supporting international clients in their personal and professional development.

His training in remote viewing began in 2014 with Coordinate Remote Viewing and in 2015 with Extended Remote Viewing under Gabriele Eckert (Hypervoyager). In 2022, he completed training in Technical Remote Viewing with Thomas Tankiewicz and in 2022/23 in Controlled Remote Viewing with Theo Fischer (Psi-Core). Since 2017, he has organized monthly online practice sessions in CRV and ERV for an international audience.

Christian Wieser is a co-initiator and co-organizer of the “Remote Viewing Event at Untersberg” since 2022, as well as a co-founder of the European Remote Viewing Network (ERVN).

 Professional History:

Self-employed as a business consultant since 2009

Holistic coaching practice for personal development since 2010

CFO and CEO of a medium-sized company from 2015 to 2017

Studied International Business Administration from 2003 to 2007

Graduated with a focus on natural sciences in 2022

 Online Presences:

RV-Trainer – Master Your Intuition: www.rv-trainer.com

Energetic coaching practice: www.cwieser.com