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Cindy’s interests include the broader topic of anomalous and non-local phenomena of which RV may be a modality and how AI can assist practitioners and users of RV. She is the founder and owner of Enigmatic Technologies, LLC, a scientific and management consulting firm that combines non-local modalities with traditional business approaches. She holds advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering management, and systems engineering, and many hours of graduate work in international relations. Currently the Treasurer the International IRVA, she was previously President and Chief Operating Officer of an internationally focused non-profit organization. Her scientific and analytical experience includes contributing to projects and research in sensor systems, high-energy physics, dynamical systems, modeling and simulation, quantum theory, and artificial intelligence.

Abstract: Recent Developments in Artificial Intelligence and Potential RV Applications

Description: The rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence continues to open the door to more possibilities for practitioners and users of RV.  This talk will review the latest developments in AI and explore with the audience thoughts on potential applications and challenges to incorporating AI in RV practices.  The audience is offered a practice target and the opportunity to submit a one-page summary on paper.  I will analyze both the individual and collective results using AI to assess how well the target was met.  Results are revealed in a second 15-30 minute presentation.