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Daz Smith, was born and still lives in Bath, Somerset, UK. He is a Graphic Designer, Artist, & Photographer. He first trained in CRV, Controlled remote viewing in 1996 and has been developing his skills and knowledge in this intuitive art ever since. Daz has grown to become a leading CRV/remote viewing practitioner and is well respected within this field.

Abstract: The ART of Remote viewing & allowing RV to adapt from the classroom to applications

Description: I will discuss how RV taught in the classroom isn’t the best tool for real world applications and why, and how to fix that – then I will discuss and show examples of how the ideogram process within methods based RV can be very visual, how it evolves as a visual language and I will also discuss and show examples of how visuals in RV aren’t always bad, how accurate visual information can be and all this with more examples from real world RV applications