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Don is a retired Software Engineer, working primarily in the field of Telecommunications at: Bell Labs, AT&T, Lucent, Avaya and Verizon Wireless.  He has also had a long term interest in Spiritual and Metaphysical topics, and created several YouTube videos, now freely available, about  his earlier formative experiences.  Later, after he took up Meditation, he began perceiving phonetic and word based mental energies during his meditative state.   Out of curiosity, he wrote these down, a practice that became a new Hobby – an opportunity to study  his Mind and Subconscious over time.  Today: his written Journal is 26 years deep, a “long term experiment” that eventually evolved into a Channeling practice.  It is  here, his “curiosity driven” private Channelings, that lead to the Historical Information and Remote Viewing project that will be discussed here.