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The retired President of The Monroe Institute and the Operations and Training Officer for the former US Army Intelligence remote viewing program.

F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater is the retired President of The Monroe Institute, a world-renowned non-profit organization conducting research and offering educational programs supporting the evolution of consciousness. He has been part of the growth of the Institute since 1977.

In September 1988, he accepted the position of Research Director in the Bob Monroe Research Lab at the Institute. Since then, he has published technical research on methods for expanding consciousness and assisted hundreds of individuals in experiencing and exploring altered states of consciousness. In December 2006, he became the President of the Institute.

Before beginning his research at the Institute Skip, a retired military officer, was the Operations and Training Officer for the once highly classified U.S. Army Intelligence remote-viewing surveillance program. Skip worked closely with the scientific efforts of SRI International. He trained career-minded professional intelligence personnel to remote view. He then used these highly skilled psychic spies to assess the security threat posed by a hostile government’s exploitation of remote-viewing surveillance.

The Defence Intelligence Agency eventually tasked Skip to respond to US national defense intelligence collection requirements as a follow-on to his initial counterintelligence mission. He planned, conducted, and reported thousands of remote viewing intelligence-collection missions for various US intelligence agencies.

Skip has also been a college instructor, scientific investigator, and human behavioral engineer specializing in the design and application of techniques for cultivating propitious states of consciousness for over five decades. Early in the 1970s he received an associate degree from the University of New York, and a baccalaureate degree from the University of Nebraska. He completed his graduate coursework in counseling psychology at the University of Northern Colorado.

Skip says that his true education and knowledge refresh anew every day with his own adventures into the realms of human consciousness.

Skip was also the President of the International Remote Viewing Association from 2002—2004.

In his YouTube video: https://youtu.be/ORyF78StkFI “Meeting Bob Monroe”, Skip tells how this wonderful meeting eventually created a bridge between The Monroe Institute and the remote viewing program known as STAR GATE. This YouTube grand adventure video could promote interest in getting ready for PSIfest 2023 in the IRVA membership, thousands of TMI followers, and the public. I suggest you include the above link in your PSIfest 2023 correspondence.
You can find the backstory as a written description here.