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Gunther Rattay is a German researcher, software engineer and Project Manager. He was trained in Technical Remote Viewing by Ed Dames in May, 1996. Same year he has introduced the Remote Viewing method together with 2 other TRV trained persons in Germany. Since then he has trained TRV to more than 170 remote viewing students in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and can be seen as the ‘father of RV’ in German language Europe. Most RV trainers in Germany have been trained by him. Intense Training concept is for one or two trainees only within the same training schedule. The base concept of the protocol must not be diluted. Training concept includes Technical Remote Viewing in the extended version trained until the end of the 1990s and includes the compact LearnRV follow-up offered afterwards. Special interests in processing of perceptions.

Abstract: German language -Remote Viewing toolset as a problem solving tool for future generations tasks

Description: Everyday life in the realms of an extended reality – how body-mind-system is fitted to receive information and can transfer these ideas into everyday life results –  how can the structure of concepts of actual technology be used to re-engineer structures of consciousness and how can RV help to fill in the gaps of knowledge.