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Henrike Herbold, born in 1977, has been working at various German universities since 2004. As a lecturer, research assistant and quality manager, she has 20 years of experience in science and the organization of universities. Since 2015, she has also been a self-employed alternative practitioner, ethnomedical practitioner and systemic coach in Bamberg.

Due to her particularly pronounced ability to perceive the condition and well-being of a person and their environment very precisely, she has always sought and learned new techniques to further develop this ability. 

Her vocation in remote viewing began in 2017 with Coordinate Remote Viewing with Gabriele Eckert, a student of David Morehouse. In the same year, she learned Extended Remote Viewing with Gabriele Eckert. Since then, she has continued to deepen and expand her remote viewing skills. She became certified in Technical Remote Viewing with Thomas Tankiewicz and completed Controlled Remote Viewing with Theo Fischer. She has been independently leading her own remote viewing practice groups since 2022.

In addition to operational work, she uses remote viewing particularly in her health practice and in coaching. For her, the use of remote viewing in the health sector is precise, goal-oriented, and forward-looking. The same applies to remote viewing and science. She uses remote viewing as a tool in her teaching and sees the combination of remote viewing and the academic field as an extraordinary area of application for the coming decades.

E-Mail: rv-herbold@online.ms