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Marcus Boldt is an IT consultant and expert in Remote Viewing with a career spanning several decades. In 1996, he was among the pioneers who introduced Remote Viewing to Germany. His professional journey began with the production of a documentary about “PSI TECH,” focusing on “Remote Viewing: Desk-based Espionage.”

At “I-D-Publishing,” he worked as a journalist and editor for “Transition 3000,” authoring numerous articles on perception and consciousness research. The goal of “Transition 3000” was to capture the zeitgeist and public behavior related to frontier science and develop methods for authentic information discovery and implementation.

In 1995, Marcus participated in “Dialogue with the Universe in Kaast,” meeting figures like Edward Arthur Dames of “Psi Tech Inc.” and John E. Mack, a pioneer in human experience research. These encounters deepened his interest in Remote Viewing and consciousness research.

After his Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) training in 1997, Marcus joined the “Institute for Brain Research, Science & Future Research.” There, he served as a scientific advisor and co-editor of the first ISFR-News, playing a pivotal role in the research and dissemination of TRV. As a project manager, he led research projects, trained professionals, and moderated lectures, creating personality profiles and scientific analyses.

Between 1999 and 2002, Marcus continued his work at the Institute, writing and publishing 182 innovative articles on perception research, many of which appeared in “Transition 3000.” His contributions and dedicated work as an instructor, trainer, and project manager made him a leading figure in the field.

In 2002, Marcus founded the “I-SP Network for Perception and Communication.” As the CEO and project manager, he trained profilers, conducted research projects, and moderated lectures. During this time, he developed DMI Profiling, combining Remote Viewing, profiling, quantum physics, psychology, and neurobiology into a powerful tool for holistic information gathering.

In 2011, Marcus established the DeepMind Institute, focusing on the science and research of perception. The institute is known for advanced approaches in perception and consciousness research and provides a platform for innovative projects.

Since 2017, Marcus has trained professionals in “DMI Military-Security Profiling” at the “Tangram Security Group.” In this role, he trains security professionals and develops advanced profiling techniques for various security-related fields. He continues to serve as a TRV and DMI Profiling trainer, providing specialized training in these methodologies.

In addition to his scientific career, Marcus has extensive experience in IT consulting. As the CEO of boldt-IT Deutschland, he manages clients and provides professional IT services, including developing workflow systems, websites, IT security, and support for various operating systems and networks. Since 2011, Marcus has been the CEO of the DeepMind Institute, offering professional TRV and DMI Profiling training and more.

Throughout his career, Marcus has authored numerous innovative articles and publications. His ability to convey complex scientific concepts clearly makes him a sought-after speaker and consultant. He remains a leading expert in perception research and Remote Viewing, known for his innovative approaches and dedicated research.

Marcus is fluent in German and moderate in English, leading and coordinating international projects. In his spare time, he continues to enhance his knowledge in IT and perception research, staying up to date with technological and scientific developments.

Online presences: Website DeepMind Institute: www.deepmind-institute.com