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Marie Priebusch and Timo Féret jointly lead the German Remote Viewing company named into the matrix.
Marie Priebusch, born in 1983, is a trained hypnosis and regression therapist, and practitioner of conflict and trauma therapy as well as Biologisches Heilwissen according to Rainer Körner. An holistic view of humans is significant for her. In her work, Marie integrates Controlled Remote Viewing to identify the traumas and conflicts of her clients and to provide support for them.
Timo Féret, born in 1981, completed his Master of Science in Computer Science at Philipps University Marburg, Germany. In addition to his activities at into the matrix, he is currently employed as a Data Scientist at an IT consulting company.
Marie and Timo met through Remote Viewing, after both began their initial steps as Remote Viewers in Germany in 2018. This was followed by extensive training with Lyn Buchanan and Lori Williams, during which they completed the following courses:

Controlled Remote Viewing (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
Associative Remote Viewing
Controlled Remote Influencing / Healing (MedApps)
Extended Remote Viewing
Controlled Remote Viewing for Professional Viewers
The Principles of CRV Project Management

In 2020, Marie and Timo jointly launched a nationwide network for Remote Viewers, which quickly became the largest association of its kind in the German-speaking region. In the same year, they founded the company Marie Priebusch & Timo Féret GbR, which became publicly known as into the matrix.
As part of into the matrix, Marie and Timo are trainers for Controlled Remote Viewing in the German-speaking region and work as professional viewers on behalf of clients. Thanks to Marie’s thematic focus, they specialized primarily in healing work and developed an innovative healing concept that combines the teachings of Biologisches Heilwissen according to Rainer Körner and Controlled Remote Viewing to identify the causes and reasons for diseases and ailments as well as options for recovery. Furthermore, they practice Controlled Remote Healing according to Lyn Buchanan and Lori Williams to support their clients in activating their self-healing abilities.
As part of into the matrix’s public relations, Marie and Timo give lectures and publish videos and interviews on their own YouTube channel.
Website: www.into-the-matrix.com
Email: info@into-the-matrix.de
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClctlQO6hBMKEtXQdd4vHrw