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Dr. Simeon Hein received his degree in sociology from Washington State University in 1992. His main areas of interest include nonlinear research methods, complexity theory, and technology and society. He first learned Remote Viewing in 1996 and has also pursued crop circle research since then. He teaches RV at the Mount Baldy Institute in Boulder, CO since 1997. His books include Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance and Black Swan Ghosts: A Sociologist Encounters Witnesses to Unexplained Aerial Craft, Their Occupants and Other Elements of the Multiverse. Since the publication of Opening Minds in 2002, Dr. Hein has given over 400 radio and TV interviews. His new book is Dark Matter Monsters: Cryptids, Ball Lightning, and Science of Secret Lifeforms which is explains why bigfoot creatures sometimes cause electrical disturbances, battery/camera failure, space-time anomalies and can be seen near light orbs and other luminous phenomena. His blog is NewCrystalMind.com.

Abstract: Remote Viewing, Aharonhov-Bohm Effect, and The Science of Non-Local Communications

The Aharonhov-Bohm Effect, discovered in the 1950s and experimentally verified in 1986, provides a scientific basis for non-local interactions between particles and fields via resonance rather than direct electromagnetic signals. The AB effect shows that distant objects can exchange information through subtle quantum mechanisms even without measurable electromagnetic waves. New research in brain physiology shows that the human cerebral cortex exhibits phase singularities, which cancel ordinary EM signals and thus create the conditions for the AB effect. Therefore, the AB effect may be the basis of non-local PSI effects like remote viewing, telepathy, and pre-cognition.