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Tobias Krieg born in 1979 is a mechanical engineer with vast experience in the aviation industry. His passion for the aeronautical field began as a child when he dreamed of becoming a pilot himself – which he finally did.
In his professional career he already recognized his natural talent of anticipating future events and intentions of people around him. Highly interested in expanding those abilities Tobias started Coordinate Remote Viewing in 2018 with Gabriele Eckert an early student of David Morehouse and great Remote Viewing trainer. He continued to develop his Remote Viewing skills since then by passing the Controlled Remote Viewing training with Theo Fischer and Technical Remote Viewing training with Thomas Tankiewicz.
Tobias soon gained interest in sharing his experiences with Remote Viewing and to explore it with likeminded people. Together with his Austrian friend Christian Wieser he founded the online training platform RV-Trainer.com in 2022 to motivate trainees after their initial Remote Viewing education to continuously progress and practise their RV skills.
As an organiser and speaker of the well established “Remote Viewing Event at the Untersberg” his aspiration is to provide the participants with access to the different kinds of remote viewing and an opportunity for exchange on those subjects.
He also is a proud member of the PSI Core team working on operational targets and the co-founder of NEURON processing an operational Remote Viewing company in Germany.
Website RV-Trainer: www.rv-trainer.com
Website Untersberg Event: www.psychic-exploration.com
Webseite NEURONprocessing: www.neuronprocessing.com