Angela Thompson Smith

May 29, 2023

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith, a founding Director and former Board Member of IRVA, has a personal background in experiencing and study of OBEs. She worked in Parapsychology research since the 1980s. Since the early 1990s she has been training others in remote viewing, consulting on application projects, and has written 10 books.

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter, Ph.D. ABD

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter

May 17, 2023

Co-Director of Research Division with the Monroe Institute Nancy’s research includes the underlying phenomenological processes of DMILS, and the continued study of body mapping the psi-anomalous experiences. I have developed the BMi-4psi which is in the validation process. b.

Robert Holbrook

May 17, 2023

Director of Innovation with the Monroe Institute With over 4 decades of research and development of audio enhanced meditation applications.

Ross Dunseath, Ph.D.

Ross Dunseath

May 17, 2023

Ross Dunseath, Ph.D., Director of the Research Division with the Monroe Institute Ross has several decades of experience in neuro-physiological research and consciousness studies.