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Speaker Bios

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Debra L. Katz, Ph.D.

Debra Lynne Katz


Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D., is the current president of the International Remote Viewing Association and helped established IRVA’s research unit.

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter, Ph.D. ABD

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter

Ph.D., ABD

Co-Director of Research Division with the Monroe Institute Nancy’s research includes the underlying phenomenological processes of DMILS, and the continued study of body mapping the psi-anomalous experiences. I have developed the BMi-4psi which is in the validation process. b. https://www.monroeinstitute.org/pages/research-overview

Pam Coronado

Pam Coronado is the star of the popular television series, Sensing Murder, and has been involved in psi criminal work since 1996, consulting as a psychic detective to government and private agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on some of the nation’s highest profile crimes. A constant advocate for victims and their families, she is also search and rescue certified and volunteers with the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation. Pam also provides training for those interested in assisting with psychic detective work. Pam Coronado is IRVA’s former presi­dent and vice president.