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Thursday August 10th

Thursday events are for in-person attendees only, the online program starts on Friday.

RV Introductory Class

Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.
Paul’s workshop will give you a solid foundation and answer many questions frequently asked by those first beginning to explore remote viewing.

not available on recording

Friday August 11th

Start of the Online Hybrid program

Allyn Evans

Introduction to the Conference

Debra L. Katz & Allyn Evans

Star Gate and TMI

Fred Holmes (Skip) Atwater
The intriguing Star Gate classified remote-viewing program, a precursor to the IRVA and The Monroe Institute’s fostering the global awakening of consciousness: Star Gate and TMI

The Monroe Institute’s 40-year history

Susan Smily
From Robert A. Monroe’s ground-breaking 1978 book, Journeys Out of the Body,Monroe Institute has a 40-year history of exploring the outer reaches of human consciousness.

Examining the relevance of OBEs to the history and modern practice of remote viewing

Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.
The presentation will examine the history and individuals in the intersecting worlds of OBEs and remote viewing and their relevance to our modern understanding of remote viewing.

Allyn Evans

Brainwave Magic that Unleashes Your Superpowers

Allyn Evans
Your Superpowers are not supernatural. They are accessible to everyone. It is just a matter of focused attention – fine-tuning the receiving channel.

The UFO-RV Challenge

Jon Knowles
The UFO-RV Challenge: There’s a Double Dilemma for the US and Russia—and it’s not the Ukraine War! The presentation brings out little known features of the UFO-RV connection as well as what each “strange” field may tell us about the dynamic, promising but troubling future that is rapidly unfolding before our eyes as a species.

Tales from the Applications World

Julia Ann Mossbridge Ph.D.
How can we help address complex scientific problems, inspire technical innovations, and direct scientific research and technological developments in a world that requires a much faster pace of discovery? Operational Precognitive Remote Viewing (OPRV) is one approach that has shown promise in this area.

The Dynamics of Precognitive Dreaming

Dale E. Graff
Patricia S. Cyrus
Precognitive Dreams that use Pictorial Material as Psi Targets can Provide Insight Into the Dream Image Making Process for Dreamwork and for Evaluating Some Aspects of Remote Viewing Data.

Saturday August 12th

Dream Target Feedback

Nancy Reinhardt Smith
Dale E. Graff

The Quadruple Murders of Moscow, Idaho

Nancy Reinhardt Smith
The small college town of Moscow, Idaho was stunned and horrified by the murders of four University of Idaho students on November 13, 2022. Sublime Remote Viewers and associates produced information that filled multiple reports, all submitted to the authorities in the investigation.

Remote Viewing and AI: Applications for Monitoring, Scoring and Beyond

Michael Nolivos
This talk will present novel methods for using AI to enhance or potentially automate remote viewing procedures like target feature extraction for multi-modal scoring, monitoring and more.

6 Myths about Psychic Detective Work

Pam Coronado
After 26 years in the field of psychic detective work, Pam has made some fascinating discoveries. She will share the truths about the work and dispel common myths the public holds about the field.

Ross Dunseath, Ph.D.

Panel Discussion: Expanding on Consciousness

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter, Ph.D., ABD
Robert Holbrook
Ross Dunseath, Ph.D.
In this intriguing Panel Discussion, the Monroe Institute’s research team will share details of their work, which endeavors to explore these phenomena of OBE’s through a longitudinal data collection approach.

The Brain Wave Patterns of Remote Viewer

Judith Pennington
Target Hitters Monitored on the Mind Mirror EEG at Monroe’s Discovery Program—In this live demonstration, Judith Pennington will hook up an experienced remote viewer tasked with describing a target to an EEG and explain the Mind Mirror brain wave patterns.

Present Time Applications of Remote Viewing: Challenges & Solutions

Lyn Buchanan
Lyn will address a number of issues and considerations related to operational and professional remote viewing.

Reaching Deceased Remote Viewers through Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC)

Joshua Louis
Communicating with non-corporeal or post-material beings using different devices and equipment has been a field for over a one hundred years. This is the reporting of findings from a novel, exploratory study presently underway, which will be completed by the time of the conference.

Getting the Viewer to the Target: How Does it Really Work?

Paul H. Smith, Ph.D.
Getting the viewer to the target: The history of coordinates, target reference numbers, tags, etc.: how they work, and a humble suggestion for a better, more accurate term.

Sunday August 13th

Longitudinal research on children with memories of past lives: a follow-up study

Marieta Pehlivanova, Ph.D.
Dr. Pehlivanova will give an overview of the landmark work performed by the department of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia.

How Are We Really Doing as Remote Viewers?

Jana Rogge
The 2022 Warcollier Award was won by a research project that focuses on measuring the concrete hit accuracy of CRV sessions. The results provide a standardized benchmark that can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the individual viewer.

The Situation Room: Remote Viewing Research News Flash

Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D.
Jon Knowles
Formal, Applied, Archival, & Community Updates — Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D., joined by Jon Knowles & other guest reporters

What Are the New, Vastly Higher Traditional Sensory Potentials and What Does it Mean for Remote Sensing?

Maureen Seaberg
Maureen advocates for a more natural approach to sentience and believe invasive augmentation is unnecessary and dangerous, suggesting that remote viewers can benefit from the latest research into traditional sensory potentials to better avail themselves of the many biological channels they use for their work.

Outbounder Remote Viewing Group Session

Paul H. Smith Ph.D.
At every IRVA remote viewing conference we host an outbounder remote viewing experience. But instead of a single remote viewer, there is a whole roomful of them. Join us for this fun and satisfying remote viewing experience.

Sunday August 13th – Online portion of the Conference

Patrizio Tressoldi

Remote Viewing: a 1974–2022 systematic review and meta-analysis

Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi
After more than 50 years of investigation into extrasensory perception, remote-viewing experimental protocols appear to be the most efficient for both experimental and practical applications.

Magic, Manifesting & Remote Viewing

Coral Carte
This talk is designed to focus on the point of intersection between magic, manifestation and remote viewing, to create a more permeable passageway between them, which may help diminish the ensuing tensions and confusions that occur when they are seen a completely separate domain.

Intuition and Emotional Intelligence as Possible Mechanisms of Remote Viewing: A New Approach

Prof. Dr.  Álex Escolà-Gascón
This talk will present the results of a recent study by Dr. Escolà-Gascón, and colleagues. The main objectives of this research were to statistically and conceptually replicate the original findings of the remote viewing research spanning from 1995 to 2003, funded by the U.S. government, and to address the question: What are the underlying cognitive mechanisms involved in RV? The research focused on emotional intelligence (EI) theory and intuitive information processing as possible hypothetical mechanisms.

Remote Viewing Project Management & Milestones in viewer development

Lori Williams