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Dale E. Graff

Dale E. Graff

Dale E. Graff is a retired aerospace engineer/physicist who worked for the intelligence community at the Air Force FTD and the DIA. Key assignments were Chief of the Advanced Concepts Office and Chief/Director of the Star Gate remote viewing unit at Ft. Meade, MD. 1. http://dalegraff.com/

Damon Abraham

Damon Abraham

Damon Abraham, PhD, is a researcher in affective science and experimental psychology with a focus on emotion, emotion self-regulation, and mental representation. His parapsychological interests include non-local consciousness (out-of-body and near-death experiences), non-local perception (remote viewing/pre-cognition), and non-local influence (REGs, micro & macro PK effects). His work intersects consciousness, psychic phenomena, and artificial intelligence, exploring their relationship to transformative technologies, human potential, and personal growth. He has presented at conferences like the International Congress on Consciousness, the Society for Scientific Exploration, the International Remote Viewing Association, and the International Association for Near Death Studies.

David Harker

David is a remote viewer, trainer, mentor, mystic, magician, host of The Psychic Guys podcast and moderator of the largest online community of remote viewers. He’s particularly interested in the overlap between remote viewing and esoteric spiritual traditions. He has a background in archaeology, software engineering and life sciences. David lives in North Yorkshire, UK.

David Morehouse

David Morehouse, Ph.D., is an international bestselling author, speaker, and educator. He served as a Special Operations Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army, Commanding the Army’s only separate Airborne Rifle Company, an Airborne Ranger Company, and an (Interim) Airborne Infantry Battalion.

Daz Smith

Daz Smith, was born and still lives in Bath, Somerset, UK. He is a Graphic Designer, Artist, & Photographer. He first trained in CRV, Controlled remote viewing in 1996 and has been developing his skills and knowledge in this intuitive art ever since. Daz has grown to become a leading CRV/remote viewing practitioner and is well respected within this field.

Debra L. Katz, Ph.D.

Debra Lynne Katz


Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D., is the current president of the International Remote Viewing Association and helped established IRVA’s research unit.

Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan was one of the U.S. Military’s Controlled Remote Viewers from 1984 through 1992. During that time he worked as a viewer and as a Database Manager, Training Officer, and Property Book Officer. Upon retirement, he worked as a computer systems analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. He then began his own computer data analysis company called Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I). a. https://www.crviewer.com/

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter, Ph.D. ABD

Nancy McLaughlin-Walter

Ph.D., ABD

Co-Director of Research Division with the Monroe Institute Nancy’s research includes the underlying phenomenological processes of DMILS, and the continued study of body mapping the psi-anomalous experiences. I have developed the BMi-4psi which is in the validation process. b. https://www.monroeinstitute.org/pages/research-overview

Pam Coronado

Pam Coronado is the star of the popular television series, Sensing Murder, and has been involved in psi criminal work since 1996, consulting as a psychic detective to government and private agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on some of the nation’s highest profile crimes. A constant advocate for victims and their families, she is also search and rescue certified and volunteers with the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation. Pam also provides training for those interested in assisting with psychic detective work. Pam Coronado is IRVA’s former presi­dent and vice president.