Getting the Viewer to the Target: How Does it Really Work?

Jun 14, 2023

Getting the viewer to the target: The history of coordinates, target reference numbers, tags, etc.: how they work, and a humble suggestion for a better, more accurate term. 

The Brain Wave Patterns of Remote Viewers

May 17, 2023

Target Hitters Monitored on the Mind Mirror EEG at Monroe’s Discovery Program — In this live demonstration, Judith Pennington will hook up an experienced remote viewer tasked with describing a target to an EEG and explain the Mind Mirror brain wave patterns.

Reaching Deceased Remote Viewers through Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC).

May 17, 2023

Communicating with non-corporeal or post-material beings using different devices and equipment has been a field for over a one hundred years. This is the reporting of findings from a novel, exploratory study presently underway, which will be completed by the time of the conference.